Ultimate Gift Basket | Medium

160 oz
(4 customer reviews)


This basket is packed with rich, delicious chocolates crafted by Bedré’s chocolatiers to genuinely impress your friends and family.

This is our medium “Ultimate” Gift Basket packed with rich, delicious chocolates made by Bedré chocolatiers to genuinely impress whomever receives it!


  • 7-Pack Bar Box
  • NEW 1lb Melting Chocolate Wafers – Dark
  • NEW 1lb Melting Confectionery Coating – White Fudge
  • NEW 6.4oz Milk Chocolate-covered Chips
  • NEW 6.4oz Dark Chocolate-covered Chips
  • (2) 12oz Premium Chocolate Coffee
  • NEW 9oz Chocolate-covered Gummi Bears
  • NEW 9oz Chocolate-covered Espresso Beans
  • NEW 5oz Milk Chocolate Pecan Sensations
  • NEW 3oz White Fudge Twists
  • 16oz Premium Dark Chocolate Sauce
  • 20ct. Meltaway Tin
  • NEW 6.4oz Milk Chocolate Strawberry Melts (*This product may contain seeds.)
  • NEW 6.4oz Dark Chocolate Mint Melts
  • NEW 10oz Gummi Bears
  • NEW 6.4oz Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Melts 
Dimensions: 23.5 × 17.5 × 13.5 in

Allergy Warning: Manufactured in a facility that produces products that contain wheat, soy, eggs, dairy, peanuts and tree nut.


4 reviews for Ultimate Gift Basket | Medium

  1. James Anderson

    The Best

  2. James Anderson

    My wife’s favorite chocolate

  3. Alice Bundalian

    Everything is delicious. I got the medium basket as a gift. My kids loved the different varieties. PERFECT, the best chocolate I’ve tasted.

  4. Cory Stepanek

    Great quality

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